Westborough Mobile Detailing Makes Your Car Feel Brand New!

Revive Your Vehicle's Showroom Shine

Rediscover the brilliance of your car's finish with our expert detailing services. We bring back that showroom sparkle, leaving your vehicle looking better than ever before.


We Make Your Car Feel Brand New!

About Us

Our Passion for Excellence: A Commitment to Your Car

At Westborough Mobile Detailing, we're not just in the business of car detailing; we're driven by an unrelenting passion for excellence. Our journey began with a simple belief: every vehicle deserves to be a masterpiece on wheels.

Adam Steinberg, Founder of Westborough Mobile Detailing

Adam Steinberg, Founder


Exterior Detailing

Elevate your car's appearance with our exterior detailing package. Our skilled technicians will hand wash, wax, and polish every inch, restoring your vehicle's shine and protecting it from the elements. From paint correction to tire shine, we've got you covered.

Starting at $99

Interior Detailing

Enjoy a pristine interior with our comprehensive service. We'll meticulously clean and sanitize every surface, from upholstery and carpets to dashboard and console. Say goodbye to dirt, dust, and odors, and hello to a fresh, comfortable ride.

Starting at $149

Full Detail Packages (Interior and Exterior)

Get the best of both worlds with our complete detailing package. Experience the ultimate transformation as we revitalize your car inside and out. From deep cleaning to paint restoration, our meticulous approach ensures your vehicle looks and feels brand new.

Starting at $199

Specialty Services

Need Something Different? No Problem! Whether it's a classic car, exotic supercar, or modified truck, we cater to your unique needs and specifications. From delicate interiors to intricate paintwork, our expert team delivers unparalleled attention to detail, ensuring your custom vehicle gleams with perfection.

Let's Find A Price Right For You!


How often should I get my car detailed?

The frequency of car detailing depends on several factors, including your driving habits and environmental conditions. In general, we recommend a thorough detailing every 4 to 6 months to maintain your car's appearance and protect its finish. However, if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions or frequently park under trees, you may benefit from more frequent detailing, possibly every 2 to 3 months. Our team can assess your specific needs and create a customized detailing schedule to keep your vehicle in optimal condition.

Where does the service happen?

We come straight to your doorstep to service your car. We service towns in the Central Massachusetts area. Pick a time that works best for you and we will be there!

Can I book your detailing services online?

Yes, booking our detailing services is quick and convenient through our online platform. Simply visit our website and navigate to the booking section, where you can select the services you need, choose a date and time that suits you, and provide some basic information. Our user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free booking process, putting you in control of scheduling the pampering your car deserves.

What's the difference between car washing and car detailing?

Car washing and car detailing serve different purposes. Car washing is a surface-level cleaning that removes dirt, dust, and grime from the exterior of your vehicle. Car detailing, on the other hand, is a comprehensive process that involves thorough cleaning, polishing, and protecting both the exterior and interior of your car. Detailing goes beyond just cleaning; it aims to restore and enhance your vehicle's appearance, addressing issues like paint imperfections, scratches, and interior stains. It's a more intensive and holistic approach to car care that results in a showroom-worthy finish.

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